Fragrance is an important part of dressing up, some even go on to compliment it as essential as wearing an attire. So, choosing the right perfume for yourself is a task that requires the utmost consideration. A fragrance can turn into a significant physical attribute of yours and you don’t want it to be lousy, do you?

Victoria Secret’s Perfumes


Victoria Secret's Perfumes to choose:

Victoria's Secrets has a huge section for fragrance that are slowly inching their way to the spotlight. The Victoria Secret's Bombshell Eau de parfum for women is the best-selling perfume/scent in the United States. There are many other fragrances spanning over varied categories like floral, Musk, sweet, spicy etc. Below we have listed five of Victoria Secret’s Perfumes to try. 

  • Victoria Secret’s Bombshell Eau de parfum:

  • This fragrance is the most bought perfume in the United States. The pros that this bottle hosts are its normal, daily scent which means that it’s not too ostentatious and gives off an effortless and  casual feel. The scent has a fruity and a floral mixture like oranges, morning glories, Brazilian purple passions, vanilla orchids and Italian pine,  giving a sunshine-y and orange-y smell. It amounts to 3.4 ounces. The perfume has a small downside; the scent may not last long.

  • Best Fresh Gourmand: Victoria’s Secret Tease:

  • This fragrance is sweet, fresh and a morning-y smell. Vanilla smells and tones of fine white flowers are strong and undertones of pear can be sensed. The fragrance is playful, perfect for the summer, easy-going etc. It’s a kind of playful and intriguing scent and it is good for a simple casual date with the gals and even best for the first date. This scent is a quiet one, people might wish for an intense scent. 

  • Best for everyday use: Victoria’s Secret Love

  • Victoria’s Secret Love has more of a comforting, fresh, subtle (yet sublime) scent. According to Byrdie, the scent is said to be inspired from the scent of your partner’s Tshirt or Hoodie. Of course, everyone’s scent is different but the scent makes you feel comforted and safe etc. It has a mixture of scents like apricot, woody smells, Musk and juniper which has a warm, thin quality which sticks to your skin but doesn’t feel sticky. This fragrance may not last long.

  • Best Sweet perfume: Victoria’s Secret Heavenly

  • This is a sweet smelling perfume and smells just like its name, “Heavenly.” This is one of the older and original fragrances of the brand and pays homage to the angels like Candice, Adriana, Alessandro etc. The size of the scent is roughly 3.4 ounces and comes in a Roller-ball type which proves to be travel-friendly. The scent has stronger tones of vanilla, heady sandalwood, traces of creamy Musk and touches of white peony . The perfume is sophisticated, glamorous and grand. Some users of the product comment that the scent faintly smells like alcohol.

  • Best woody floral scent: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Passion

  • This perfume is strong and explosive and the heavier scents of floral and woody scents like fuschia rose, queen peony, sparkling cassis, Musk, trunks of trees etc. This perfume is classy, sublime and noticeable. This perfume stands out in a crowd so much that it is almost a physical appearance.  It’s base is floral but here and there, it has traces of wood and Musk which make the perfume more grounded and serious. However,  many users have complained that this bottle leaks and hopefully, the brand has resolved this problem.


    Choosing the right fragrance is so essential, so take the time to choose the one for you by considering all the factors. Your perfume can be woody, floral, exotic, subtle etc. Perfumes are like people, they are unique and finding your best friend among them can be a hard task but once you find that person, it’s all good.

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