Tips for long lasting lip makeup 

An important part of our makeup are lips. Whether you prefer to apply a light color or a striking ruby ​​red, these simple tips will help you last longer and less touch-ups.

Exfoliate and hydrate:

It is the most important thing when makeup lips. We must have this healthy and dry skin. For this you can use your cream or exfoliate gel, a little soap for the face or mix some cream with sugar and make circular movements on your lips. Then rinse well. That there are no remains of cream.

A little basic:

Applying a little base on the lips helps to unify the color with the rest of our skin and serves as a "background" to apply the color. With this we achieve that the tone stands out much more and is fixed to our lips. Apply only a little and spread gently.


Not all of us are used to delineating the lips before painting them, but this step really makes a difference. This allows to create a guide to then fill with color, and also prevents the paint from watering outside the edges. Always try to make the pencil outline the same shade of paint you will apply, never darker.


After applying the color on the lips, we can apply some translucent powder. This will protect the lipstick. You can apply a second layer of lipstick and finish with a few touches of dust.

Note: if you are going to wear gloss, you should remember that your lipstick is more likely to last. Take it into account.